SEO Audit

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What’s Included in Your SEO Audit

Local Web’s SEO audit service is an easy to use site audit, that provides you with an online seo report after a consultation. You can use this report to help you improve your SEO and get higher ranking and leads through your website. Our tailored website audit will scan your webpage using your main keywords as well as your competitors, and provide a detailed report including the following details:

SEO score Check

In our consultation our SEO score checker will give you an immediate overall page score. If you want to know your competitors SEO score, it will also give you your competitors  overall score. This score takes into account all your on-page SEO signals.

Page Speed

Your report will include information on your website’s page speed and any issues your site may have. If you page does not load fast enough this will affect your SEO. Our report will let you know what your page speed is and if you need to address any issues with your page loading time.

Friendly URL’s

As it’s important to have Google friendly URL’s our website audit tool will also check your url’s and let you know if they can be improved in any way. Keep in mind not all your url’s will be able to have your keyword in them, however, they should all be “friendly” and make sense.

Title and Description tags

Your titles and description tags will also be tested and reported on. If you need to make changes to your website titles and description, our detailed report will outline exactly what you need to do and how much content you need to provide.

Image Analysis

Our software will analyse all the images on your website and give you recommendations on how to name your image files and add alt tags to images that do not have any tags associated with them. These small details are very effective in improving your on-page SEO.

Top Keywords

Your SEO site analysis includes details of the top words used on your website and how often they appear. This will help you determine which words are most likely to rank and if you need to adjust your copy or not.

Copy analysis

The website analysis tests your copy and tells you exactly how to use your keywords. How often they should be used, how much copy you need, and where to bold or italicise your keywords. The report will also tell you which keywords to anchor and where. You will find out which copy is good and which needs work.

Code Analysis

This is one for your devs. Our code analysis is the more technical seo audit details. It gives you detailed insights into your websites coding issues, including your HTMl, Flash issues, CSS issues, Text to HTML ratios, schemaorg markup, and sitemap.xml.

Social analysis

Our social checking software will scan your website for social signals and report back on your social buttons, shares, tweets and blogs. As social signals become a bigger part of your SEO strategy, this information will help you understand whether your website needs more social links or not.

Mobile analysis

Since 2015 mobile friendly websites have become more and more important with regards to your SEO. If your website is not mobile friendly, now is a good time to get that fixed. Our seo checker tool will let you know how to improve your mobile version of your website to get the most out of it.

Page Link analysis

This is all about your websites links. If you have been link building in the past, this part of your SEO evaluation will give you all the information you need on those links. Your report includes links from other sites, unique domain links, outbound links, follow links, page rank scores and page authority score. These details give you the frame work to improve your links and link building strategy.

Tasks to do

Once you have your SEO evaluation, you need to know exactly what it is you need to do. We take care of this for you by including a list of easy to understand tasks that you can do to improve your SEO. Some tasks will be easier than others and we recommend you go for your easy wins first. Send the more technical details on to your web developer, and ask them to make the changes. Once you have made a significant amount of changes, run another audit report and check your SEO score. It’s a good idea to also monitor your rankings for the keywords you used in the report to see just how much on-page SEO can affect your rankings.

About 20-30% of your overall SEO strategy will reply on good on-page SEO. Its the foundation of SEO and without it the time and money you spend on content and link building, may not be worth while. Very few websites can rank really well without the basics. For further help wit your SEO, please contact us today on 1300 607 806 or fill in the contact form below. We look forward to finding you online.