Your guide to adding photos to your Google My Business listing (and why you should)


Google My Business is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to ranking well, especially for your Google local ranking.

Yet a big part of Google My Business is often overlooked – photos. Having great photos on your profile is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to create a complete profile which will quickly place you ahead of other businesses with incomplete profiles.

It is also important because if you don’t add your own photos, Google will do it for you. However, that isn’t a kindness as they will automatically pull either a street view image or a user-added image, either of which can be unflattering for your business.

And finally, photos are important because customers are both more likely to request driving directions to your business and click through to your website if you have images loaded to Google My Business.

That’s why photos are vital to local SEO strategies but you might also need some tips on the how. Here’s everything you need to know about taking and loading photos for your Google My Business Listing.

Take a variety of photos

You don’t want a handful of highly similar photos. Ideally you want a real mix of images to give a good idea of your business as a whole.

Google suggests photos of:

• The exterior of your business
• Interior spaces in your business
• Products
• Your products at work or in use
• Staff carrying out the services you provide
• Your team

Take high quality photos

It might sound like a simple suggestion, but a quick look around Google will show you just how many businesses have grainy, poorly lit images representing their company.

Most new smartphones have the capacity to take excellent images these days so if you can’t afford a professional photographer there’s no harm in using your own camera and skills to add photos to Google My Business.

Opt for a sunny day for the best lighting, add your own lighting to darker indoor areas, and don’t be afraid to use the editing functions on your phone or laptop to brighten up photos and adjust the framing.

That said, don’t stress if your own photos don’t look ‘professional’ quality. Overly staged images can appear ‘fake’, so as long as your photos are clear and well-lit, you have nothing to worry about.

Name your images with keywords

Here’s one of our best local SEO tips – save your photos with keyword-rich titles before loading them to Google.

For example, if you’re a painter loading images of you painting someone’s home and you work in Parramatta, name the photo with a title such as ‘Home painter in Parramatta’. This will not just help your business to rank better for the ‘home painter’ keyword but will also improve your local SEO due to the added area information.

Pro tip: Do this with all of the images on your website as well!

Update your images regularly

Whether you take images yourself or hire a photographer, don’t load them all at once.

Much like the content on your website, Google favours businesses who make regular, quality additions, rather than uploading everything at once and forgetting about it.

Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to add a couple of new images every week, so pop it in your calendar (or assign it to a team member) and reap the benefits of a GMB listing with regular updates.

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