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With COVID-19 quarantines still underway in many areas, you might find yourself struggling to attract new patients. With 3.8 billion people worldwide (45% of the planet’s population) on social media, you have an opportunity to reach clients. Social media marketing won’t only help you expand your reach, though.

Here are seven ways a social media marketing plan can help your orthodontic practice.

By discovering these seven benefits of getting social, you can find new ways to grow as a business. Instead of letting COVID-19 slow you down, you can give your practice a boost!

Start brushing up on social media marketing by discovering these seven benefits of strategising today!

1. Generate More Brand Awareness

If people don’t know your practice exists, they’re not likely to choose you as their orthodontist. In order to build your practice, you’ll need to generate more brand awareness. Social media marketing can help you reach people throughout Sydney to attract them to your offices. 

It takes multiple impressions online before you can start generating even a little awareness. Even then, you’ll need brand consistency to develop recognition.

When consumers recognize your brand, they’ll remember your practice the next time they need an orthodontist.

Consider creating social media posts that show off your unique brand. How do you set yourself apart from other orthodontists in Sydney? What value can you offer patients that they won’t find anywhere else?

Maybe it’s your years of experience in the industry, high-quality services, or innovative equipment.

Either way, focusing on your unique value proposition will help you stand out from competitors. Then, patients will begin to recognize you have something to offer they can’t find anywhere else. 

When developing your social media marketing plan, think about the different types of posts you can create. These can include reviews from patients, photos of your offices, and video clips. 

2. Focus on Your Target Audience

There are about 12 new social media users around the world every second. Meanwhile, most people use about nine different social media platforms. These users are on social media for about 2 hours and 22 minutes each day. 

Not every person on social media fits your target audience. For example, maybe you focus on pediatrics or senior patients. 

Either way, social media marketing makes it easier for you to focus on your ideal patients.

Creating customized content with your patients in mind will help you connect with them online. You can pitch your services by focusing on how they’ll benefit your patients.

By speaking with your patients directly, you can draw them in by pinpointing their unique needs. 

Consider working with an experienced social media marketing agency that’s worked with orthodontic practices before. Their prior experience can benefit your social media marketing plan. The agency will know exactly how to pinpoint your target audience.

Then, you can determine what language will best appeal to your audience. What content suits their interests?

By working with an agency, you can develop a strong social media marketing plan designed for your unique patients. 

3. Attract New Clients

Developing a social media marketing plan can also help you attract new patients to your practice. 

Remember, posting content on social media will help you generate brand awareness. As people see your content, they might decide to learn more about your practice. They’ll visit your website to discover your services.

You can add a strong call-to-action on your social media posts to encourage people to visit your website.

You can also notify patients about deals you’re hosting. Maybe you want to create a referral program to encourage current patients to spread the word. These social media marketing tips will expand your reach and help you generate leads. 

4. Gather Reviews

Do you have a lot of happy patients who can speak on your behalf? Ask them to post their reviews on your social media platforms.

Happy reviews can help you build credibility. Patients who are on the fence will turn to these reviews to learn more about your practice. When they realize other patients trust you, on-the-fence patients will take notice.

You can post video testimonials or photos and quotes to create eye-catching visuals for your reviews. 

As you post reviews, you’re creating high-quality content and experiencing the benefits word-of-mouth marketing can offer. 

5. Improve Your Reputation

Any person in Sydney can head online to research orthodontists in the area. Chances are, they’ll choose someone they feel like they can trust. Posting on social media can help you during this decision-making process.

Your posts can help them learn more about your business. You can make your practice look appealing and use posts to strengthen your reputation.

As you post, patients will find reasons to choose your practice over another. 

In addition to patient reviews, you can also post photos, videos, and other forms of content to make your practice more appealing.  

6. Improve Patient Relationships

What about your existing patients? You can also use social media marketing to strengthen the relationships you already have.

When using social media, don’t forget to listen. What are patients saying about your practice? What changes can you make to better appeal to your patients?

Considering their likes and dislikes will help you further improve your practice. For example, you can add new services to your offerings.

Maybe your website is difficult to use. Can patients schedule appointments with ease?

Listening to your patients will help you gather insight, allowing you to make informed changes.  

7. Educate Your Patients

As part of your social media marketing plan, don’t forget to educate your audience. What helpful tips and tricks can you offer them? What health problems should they remain aware of?

Your patients might find the information you provide invaluable.

As you help them, you’re also remaining top-of-mind with your patients. Instead of hesitating to make an appointment, they’ll schedule one after seeing your posts. 

It’s Time to Brush Up: 7 Reasons Sydney Orthodontists Need Social Media Marketing

Don’t wait to update your social media marketing plan. Instead, keep these seven benefits of orthodontic social media marketing in mind. By staying social, you can find new patients, connect with existing ones, and grow your practice.

You don’t have to start marketing alone, either! 

Instead, consider working with an agency. Contact us to learn how to improve your social media today!

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