Top 7 Useful Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 has thrown the entire world into a crisis, but unfortunately, you can’t put your business on hold forever.

While certain aspects of your practice may be halted, you still need to be doing a bit of work behind the scenes to ensure that you stay afloat. How can you ensure that you’re doing everything that you can? 

While it might not seem like the most “cool” or “hip” niche, dental social media marketing is remarkably helpful for keeping dental practices alive and popular, even during non-pandemic times. 

If you haven’t been utilising your social media to the best of your ability before, there is no better time to start than now. 

Read on to learn 7 top tips to market your dental practice on social media during the coronavirus crisis.

1. Use Live Videos to Connect

Video is the best way to hold the attention of your clients and patients on social media. During a time where everyone is maintaining social distance, everyone is also spending a lot of time watching videos online.

Video content was already one of the most popular types of content in 2020.

Live videos give you an extra benefit: connection. 

Right now, the world is feeling remarkably disconnected. People are looking for ways to communicate with real people when everyone is trapped inside their homes. 

Going live allows people to reach out to you specifically, especially in a time where they might not feel safe or comfortable calling in for a visit that might not seem essential. A quick Q&A live session could be what the doctor (or dentist!) ordered. 

2. Be Visible

Like we mentioned, everyone is spending a lot of time looking at screens right now. Many people don’t have much of a choice but to be confined inside their homes or apartments. 

Your visibility online needs to be up right now. 

You don’t have to post on every social media platform every day, but you should schedule posts and have someone responding to comments frequently to allow yourself to show up in people’s feeds. 

This is a great time to get some eyes on your practice. 

3. Think Locally 

If you work in dental care, your dental social media marketing has probably been largely focused on a local audience. 

This is more crucial now, though, as everyone is unable to move from city to city (or in some areas, even place to place). 

Invest in local SEO tactics and strategies to ensure that you’re targeting the right people. If you live in Sydney, you don’t need to be targeting customers in Melbourne. 

4. Be Sensitive

A lot of companies are pushing their advertisements right now, and it might result in a bit of social media burnout before the quarantines are all over.

If you don’t want your customers to get angry or annoyed with you, make sure that you’re not over-advertising. 

When you do advertise, do it with sensitivity in mind. Many people are suffering financially from this pandemic, and others are dealing with serious health situations or loss in their families or friend groups. 

Being sensitive to people’s situations will make you feel better about advertising and make other people feel better about your advertising. Everyone wins if you act with sensitivity. 

5. Offer Discounts or Deals

Again, many people are suffering financially from the COVID-19 crisis. 

If there’s any time to offer any kind of affordable care plans, discounts, or financing options, this is probably it.

While you might not be operating at your normal potential right now, offering something extra to your customers when you resume normal operations will help your business and your social media presence. 

Everyone loves a sale and a bargain, and everyone is going to be in a bit of a financial rut. This helps you retain your customer base and helps your customers access the care or products that they need. 

6. Encourage Reviews

Facebook offers a review section right on-site. Encouraging your previous customers to tell the world about their favourite experience with your practice could help boost your business with a few good reviews.

People who are left unemployed are sitting at home right now with less going on than they’re used to. With the right motivation, they will likely be happy to write up a cheerful review of your practice provided that you gave them excellent service.

7. Provide Honest Information

You’re working in the healthcare field. While you’re not on the front lines, per se, you are trusted by the public to be educated on issues that you choose to talk about on your social media platforms.

Providing honest information on COVID-19, including prevention and care tips, will help build customer trust. It’s also just a good thing to do. Dentists know better than the average person about cross-contamination and disease. 

Make sure that you can cite your sources and that you’re not spreading misinformation with your platform so that you can be a trusted member of your medical community. People love to share information about the virus as it comes up, so make sure what they’re sharing from you is as accurate as you can make it. 

How Are You Managing Your Dental Social Media Marketing During COVID-19?

These are strange times, and it’s not entirely clear as to what you should or should not be doing with your marketing strategy. It is important to be honest, be gentle, and be available for your customers, especially when you work in healthcare. 

For more information on dental social media marketing, or to talk to a professional for marketing assistance, visit our site

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