SEO 101

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Understanding SEO

SEO is all about making your website more visible to people using search engines like Google to search for your product, service, business or brand.

By optimising your website for the search engines, you will not only improve on the rankings and start to get more visitors but you will also ensure a better user experience. As your website needs to load quickly, look good, and be easy to navigate and make sense, for Google, this makes it better for the potential customers who see your website.

Being successful with search engine optimisation, is a long term commitment. There are no quick wins. It is a continual process that involves regular changes to your website, content and strategy. There are many aspects to SEO and we will touch on a few below.

On-page SEO

On page SEO refers to all the optimisation techniques you can use to improve your SEO by making changes to your website. This helps Google read your website and also shows Google that your website is designed for a good user experience. It is important that your website has text or content on it, that relates to the words your potential customers (keywords) are using to find your product or service. The content should also have relevant headings. If there is no mention of your main keywords on your website, Google won’t know to rank you for those keywords.

Aside from that, you also need to make sure your website it built properly. For advice on how to build your website to be Google friendly, have a read of this blog

To get an overview of of how well your website is built and what you need to fix your on-page SEO, its best to do an SEO Audit. This will give you an idea of what is working well on your website and what you need to fix. It will also lay out all the technical details you need to fix to make your website design more Google friendly.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO often relates to link building. Link building is essentially other websites that link back to your website. The more “authority” a website has, the “stronger” the link signal will be. Google recognises all these links and gives you authority based on the number and quality of the links going back to you. A link from a news website is going to be much more powerful if its pointing at your website, than say a link from a blog site, or website with less importance.

Websites that have a lot of good engaging content on them, with many users, and a lot of content shares, will typically rank well. If those websites link to you, it will generally help your over all SEO.

Content and copy writing

Content is King. Most of us would have heard this in the past. Without good quality, engaging content on your website, it will be difficult to rank in Google’s results. Especially for specific keywords that bring large amounts of traffic and are associated within a competitive industry.

A great way to add quality content that is engaging is to frequently blog. Using a blog to write unique articles that help answer your customers questions, or educate them about your industry is a very effective way of improving your rankings. Especially if your content is shared on social networks or forwarded in email marketing.

Local SEO

local seo relates to optimising a website for a local listing or a local service. It usually will have a geographic identifier in the search term. For example local seo sydney. If someone uses a search with a suburb or city in it, Google will sometimes show a maps result with that companies phone number and address. In 2019 three maps listings now show in the organic results with local businesses.