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“We have been using Local Web Advertising for approx 18 months and have been very pleased with the results.  We get great hits from our paid ads and  organic listings. Local Web has got us from the fifth page to the first place on page one. The boys are great to deal with and we are just about to start using them for web design/maintenance.  Our business now gets 40 – 50% of its new clients through google.”
– Brent, Footpoint Sports

“Local Web have taken our business from good to excellent.  Their search engine optimisation campain got our website onto the first page of Google in no time, and since then the phone has been ringing with new customers every day.  Doron started an excellent Adwords campaign for us that was targeted and affordable and brought instant results.  Michael’s work has consolidated our position on the Google rankings and we are now the number one listing on lots of pages.  Michael and Doron have been up-front, efficient, enthusiastic and professional in their work and really know their stuff – no gimmicks, no salesmanship, just good, honest knowledge and hard work.  In fact, we’ve been so impressed with their service and ability to understand our business that we asked them to redesign our website.  Without their help, we would only be half the business we are today.  I thoroughly recommend Local Web Advertising for SEO – thanks guys.”
– Trevor Jones, Owner/Manager, Sydney City Acupuncture

“We signed up with Local Web on the 9th of August 2011, and have never looked back. Local Web have always been extremely helpful and have gone above their duty to help us out. But best of all, Local Web have completely turned around the performance of our online store.
When we first started with Local Web, I was extremely sceptical as we had previously been completely burned by another SEO company. However, the boys at Local Web restored my faith as I started seeing great results. After 2 months we had gone from literally no Google ranking to being approximately 30th for the keywords “Day Spa Sydney” and in late November we hit number 1, just in time for Christmas! The evidence is in the performance of our online store, which was up 32% from the previous year! We are secure as number 2 in Google and are now enjoying sustained higher online sales from last year (20- 40% a month!). The guys are now working on other keywords which should see our sales grow even further.I appreciate the work that Local Web have put in and would honestly recommend them to any business wanting to boost their rankings in Google. Thanks again guys!”
Kind Regards, – Sam Carigliano


“As a small business owner, we have struggled over the years to find someone who can take care of all our online marketing needs. We tried numerous companies, including overseas – wasting money and more importantly time. We finally came across Local Web. They were actually a breath of fresh air. They were totally upfront and honest with their promises. They delivered what they promised and we are now enjoying our top ranking position in a very competitive industry. We are now making up for lost time and money. We are also increasing our list of targeted keywords, and getting over 400 calls and emails a month directly from their work. We strongly recommend Local Web’s professional services. Thank you Local Web.”
-Removalists Sydney

“Local Web have not missed a beat with my business since I came on board a year ago.
My business has doubled and I am now in the number One position of Google rankings.
As far as business goes, this was the best business decision that I had ever made.
They are truly professional in every aspect of there work and all I can say is thank you.”
In love and light, Taranga – Bliss Rising.

” We hired local web in mid 2013 to help us get more leads in the mortgage industry. We know how competitive this industry is and what a mammoth task this was. From the beginning Local Web was professional and never over promised. In fact they only over delivered. They were realistic in their time lines and honoured their promises. Hard to find in SEO companies these days. Now in 2015 we are still on the first page for “mortgage broker” and still getting huge traffic and leads in our industry. We have since started using Google re-marketing with Local Web as well as web development. We are looking forward to continuing our successful partnership in 2015.” Jeremy Fisher – 1st Street Mortgage Brokers