5 Innovative PPC Strategies to Streamline your Campaign

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

How to Get the Most out of your Pay Per Click Marketing

It’s tempting to overlook PPC when setting up your campaign.  After all, it’s a high competition area, and you want to have the best ROI, the best bang for your marketing buck.  But PPC is a powerful tool for outreach.  If done correctly, it can massively increase your site traffic and percentage of conversions.  So here are a few tips from your Sydney online marketing gurus to help you get the most out of your pay per click campaign:

1. Use Target Outranking Share to Outshine Competitors

Most SEO services focus on boosting your search ranking, on showing up higher in the search for basic keywords.  While this is important, sometimes it’s better to focus on beating out one or two key competitors, to show up higher in the search rankings than they do.  Target Outranking Share is a tool that helps you to analyse your key competitor’s approach and adjust your bids for ad space strategically.

Basically, with Target Outranking Share, you can modify your ad space bids based on your competitors domain name and the target, which is how often you want to beat out your competitors for ad space.  You can automate the process, so that your campaign automatically outbids your competitors for high value spaces, and set a maximum bid limit, so it doesn’t go too far.  Finally, you can look into low quality keywords and choose not to spend on them.  This helps to focus your investment where it gets the most results.

2. Focus on the Local Market with Google Search Ads Location Bids

If you have a brick and mortar store or a local audience, then location is a key factor to bridge traffic and conversions.  In fact, local SEO should be a central element to your site design and digital outreach.  But you might not have realised that it’s just as important for your PPC campaign.  By using location bid adjustments, your campaign will bid more on spaces that are seen in your location.  You focus your outreach on the target area that’s likely to result in conversions.

3. Look into Target CPA Bidding

CPA means cost per acquisition.  It basically looks into how much it costs you to get a conversion.  This is a great way to run analytics on your PPC campaign and find out how effective it has been.  Then, as you refine your strategy, you can look at the CPA impact.  An Adwords Agency looks into your conversion rate and offers a Conversion Optimiser tool to adjust bids on spaces and keywords that have given you the best return.  CPA Bidding works best when you have been running your campaign for a few months and have at least 15 conversions in the last month.  The more historical data you provide, the more effective it will be at providing at optimising your bidding strategy.  Be careful with seasonal products or services, as this can skew the CPA results.

4. Focus on Remarketing

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that it’s much easier to retain customers than to get new ones.  The great thing is that you can use Remarketing Lists to drive connect with existing customers and drive repeat purchases.  Remarketing Lists allow you to adjust bids higher for people who have visited your site and automatically bid on keywords used by site visitors.  You can increase bids for search users that have made purchases previously, or develop customer combination lists to customise ads based on website behaviour.

5. Consider Negative Keywords

If you’ve worked with a Google AdWords Agency, you already know about keywords and how they work.  But another factor to keep in mind with your PPC campaign is negative keywords.  Here’s how it works.  Your keywords help to determine who will see your ads.  They point you to the interested parties, the users who are likely to move from traffic to conversions.  Negative keywords modify the search to show the users who are not likely to buy.  So, for instance, if a search includes words like “free” or “review”, it’s likely that the user is not ready to purchase the product or service.  You can adjust your bids based on these negative keywords, saving money by targeting the most interested customers.

These tips are great for getting you started, but they’re just the beginning.  A properly run PPC campaign can help to build brand recognition, boost search rankings, and significantly increase your profits.  If you want to know more about PPC or about any aspect of high quality SEO, feel free to contact us.  Local Web is your #1 local Sydney SEO services, and we can help you to get your local business on the map.

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