How to tell if your business needs local SEO

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When you type the word ‘dentist’ into your Google search, you get a page full of dental offices as your results. But above all that, Google will show you three dentists close to you – complete with star ratings, phone numbers, addresses, other basic information, and even a mini-map pinpointing each office.

That is called the ‘local map pack’ and, in a nutshell, that is the pinnacle of local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Those three dentists at the top – and those throughout the rest of the page – have worked hard to achieve a high local ranking, and have been rewarded with spots on the all-important, page one.

Here, these businesses have a significantly higher chance of gaining click-throughs from searches. More than 90% of mobile users will likely click on these top results.

So how can you tell if your business would benefit from local SEO services that could move you up the rankings, or even land you in the coveted map pack? Here are five signs your business needs local SEO.

  1. Your business is specific to an area (even if it doesn’t have a physical location)

Many businesses operate in a specific area, whether that’s with a physical location (such as a dentist) or a region of service (such as a painter).

The number of people searching for services “near me” has skyrocketed in recent years, increasing 500% in mobile searches that contain a variant of “can I buy” or “to buy” in the space of two years. 

In order to claim a top spot in your Google local ranking and claim your share of the local audience, local SEO is a must.

  • You have more than one location

One of the most common mistakes businesses with multiple locations make is to list all their locations on the same page. If you look at any leading franchise or business with multiple locations, you will see they give each of these locations a landing page of its own.

This helps Google to understand that you have multiple physical locations, therefore helping you to show up in the search results for all your locations – not just one. You should also have location-specific content and unique customer reviews for each page to help boost your local SEO.     

  • Your business isn’t on page one of the SERP

Being on page one of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), is not just the goal of SEO, it’s practically a necessity.

With most users never leaving the first page, it’s vital that your business is on page one – and local SEO can help to get you there.

  • You have a high bounce rate

Your bounce rate is a percentage that tells you how much of your audience visits your website then clicks away again without exploring further.

A high bounce rate suggests that the searcher clicks on your site but doesn’t like what they find. This can be for several reasons, such as the site taking too long to load, annoying pop-ups on arrival, an unprofessional design, or simply not meeting expectations in terms of products or services.

By improving your local SEO, you are improving the relevance, speed, and usefulness of your website for local searchers. You are helping to ensure that your site meets the specific needs of people looking for your products or services in your area, which should in turn lower your bounce rate as they arrive on your website and continue to explore your services.

  • You don’t have a Google My Business listing

Google My Business is a free tool where you can list your business online, which helps your brand to show up in Google’s search results.

If you don’t have one, your chances of ranking well on the results page is very low. Local online marketing services will help you set up a Google My Business listing and optimise it to give you the best chance of making it onto page one of the SERP and increase your visitors.

Improve your search ranking with local SEO in Sydney

Ranking well on the Google results page is important for any business, and it can be especially beneficial for brands that operate in a specific area.

If you tick these boxes or want to improve your ranking, our local SEO services will ensure your audience will see your brand when they search for products and services nearby.

Get in touch today to find out more.

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