How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Local SEO

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Let’s face it. Getting high quality backlinks can be hard.

You can do on-site optimisation to improve your sites SEO relatively easily. However, convincing somebody else’s site to link to you can be a daunting task.

There are many doubts that can crop up in your mind:

  • Is my content good enough to share?
  • How do I get another website to link to me?
  • Is it even worth my time?
  • Will getting backlinks improve my ranking on Google?

All these questions can be paramount to ensure you’re getting the most traffic for your local business. Although ranking a local business site uses very similar approaches to broader SEO, you’ll find the results happen a lot quicker.

In this article, we’ll take you through the steps of how to get high quality backlinks by focusing on your local SEO.

How to Tell What High Quality Backlinks Look Like

Before you start getting as many backlinks as possible, first you need to understand what good quality backlinks actually look like.

Many experts agree that getting high quality links is one of the best ways to improve your websites local SEO ranking. Link signals make up 29% of the local search ranking factors, according to a study by

Link signals are inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, and linking domain quality.

When looking for high quality backlinks for local SEO, you should be focusing on three main points:

  • Find links that will help drive direct referral traffic
  • Find links that will help your audience become accustomed to your brand
  • Find links that will build on your reputation

With that in mind, let’s power through some ways you can start building your high quality backlinks.

Spy on the Competition

When did you last look at your local ranking factors in Google? Who’s ranking above you, and how are they doing it?

The great news is you can find out! It’s never been simpler to scout out exactly what your competitors are doing to achieve a higher ranking than you.

You can reach out to a local SEO expert to help you identify where the backlinks for your competitor are happening. Then you can decide on a strategy from there. You may decide to contact that site to see if they’d want to link to your content instead.

When checking backlinks, remember that not all businesses operate legitimately. Always make sure you’re building quality links and not links from a website with a black mark from Google.

Gain Links from Other Local Businesses

Collaboration is the name of the game with this one. Chances are there are many businesses in your neighborhood you can partner up with for mutual benefit.

Many businesses are completely unaware of how SEO works. Gaining a mutual link in which you will both benefit could be a win-win situation. If possible, try and focus on businesses in the same industry as yours, as this can help with ranking factors.

You could even offer to do some other form of collaboration between your businesses to gain the link.

Partner Up for an Event

Another great way to collaborate and build high quality links is to partner up with other business for an event.

Not only does this bolster your brand recognition within the local area, but it can help to build great quality backlinks. If you’re participating or sponsoring a local event, make sure to ask for links to your website from other partners.

An event that has 20 local businesses offers a lot of potentially high quality backlinks. You’ll be able to build those connections while also benefiting your local business presence.

Search for Link Opportunities Frequently

There are hundreds of websites out there operating in the same niche as your business. Many have links to their websites which may have expired or that no longer exist.

Finding these websites and reaching out to the owners can be a win-win. You’re helping to keep their content relevant by having a link to a site that’s giving them the information they need. You, in return, get a high quality backlink.

You can also do Google searches for your industry name and the area you work in. You can try searches such as:

  • Your industry name + ‘write for us’
  • Your industry name + ‘trade shows’
  • Your city name + ‘nominate a business’

This is an easy way to find sites that you can collaborate with for high quality backlinks.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Many websites consider social media a waste of time for building SEO due to social media sites having no-follow links.

However, although links will not directly improve your local SEO, Google has confirmed that they use links shared on Facebook and Twitter as ranking signals.

With this in mind, having social media content that users share regularly can have an impact on your ranking. Another added benefit is a local social media presence for your business will drive organic traffic to your site.

Reach Out to Bloggers and Influencers

There are bloggers and influencers in every industry, from ultra niche topics to super broad ones. Most bloggers are dying for an opportunity to work with local businesses.

For not much in return, you can gain some great exposure and high quality backlinks.

Whether you offer a free product for them to review or even sponsor the blogger, it’s an effective way to gain brand awareness and great links.

Final Thoughts to Consider

There are so many web design trends that you must consider for SEO. It can be hard to know what to focus on.

One thing we’re certain of is that you can gain results from local SEO much quicker than on a wider national scale.

By focusing on optimising your local SEO by building great quality backlinks, you can quickly and effectively boost your businesses online presence. Click here to learn more!

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