How SSL Works (and why its good for SEO)


How SSL Works (and Why It’s Good for SEO)

You keep hearing about adding an SSL certificate to your website. But how do you benefit? In this post, we’re sharing how SSL works and why you need it for SEO.

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It is no secret that the Internet has become an extremely saturated marketplace regardless of your industry. How can you sort through the noise, so that Google can recognize your business as one of the best, and rank it accordingly?

One word: trust.

A healthy cycle of reliability and security is an effective way of leveraging trust to boost your SEO efforts. SSL is a huge component of trust between business, user, and Google.

Let’s talk some more about SSL and how it can benefit your SEO.

What is SSL?

First off, let’s explore the details of how SSL works and what it means. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and in a nutshell, it acts as a protective shield between a web browser and a web server.

To break it down further, an SSL is the referee in a boxing ring, arms extended to the sides, keeping two competitors apart.

Need another metaphor to help you understand what SSL is? Food is always a good bridge builder. Let’s say that an SSL is the cream in an Oreo cookie. The two crunchy sides never make contact because the cream is there to separate them.

Got it? Good! Let’s move on.

How SSL works

Now, how SSL works is a little more complex to understand. But, we’ll get you there!

In order to get the added security of an SSL, a business must request an SSL certificate and then activate and install it on their website.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how SSL works:

  • Host an IP address
  • Purchase an SSL certificate (here are some options)
  • Activate and install the SSL certificate
  • Update website to use “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”

The healthy cycle of trust that an SSL certificate brings to your business is as follows:

User visits website > users sees the added security of an “HTTPS” address > user grows trust in using the site > Google says, “high five!” to your site

Getting an SSL Certificate

Purchasing an SSL certificate is similar to any other digital transaction. Find a brand you trust, do your research, and pick the right company to distribute your certificate. It really is that simple!

How SSL is good for SEO

When it comes to the Internet, trust is everything. That’s something that even we, as consumers, can agree on. If you visit a website, especially one where you’re making a buying decision, don’t you want to feel safe while you’re there?

An SSL adds a layer of security to your website, which leads to an element of trust from users who visit it.

Knowing how SSL works and using it is a double-win. Not only do you gain the trust of your customers, but you’ll get a nod from Google as well.

Google’s main focus is user experience, so by adding SSL to your site, you’re letting them know that you have the same values. Ultimately, that’s going to give you brownie points as far as ranking goes.

As a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals, our goal is to help you reach yours. Contact us today and let’s talk about turning those goals into a tangible reality.

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