Great Tips For Increasing Your Reach With These Top SEO Marketing Tools

Top SEO Marketing Tools

Organic search accounts for 51 percent of all website traffic. It’s a statistic that shows how important it is to rank highly on search engines, given that the vast majority of web traffic goes to the first pages of search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to improving your business website’s ranking in organic result pages.

SEO refers to the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic by enhancing the visibility of your site or web pages in a search engine. 

Mastering SEO can be difficult. Fortunately, there are SEO marketing tools that can help enhance your digital marketing strategy, even if you’re just a beginner in search engine optimization. 

In this comprehensive guide, we list the top seven SEO marketing software in the market today. Of course, you don’t have to try each tool on this list. You only need to figure out which software fits your company’s needs.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is among the most popular online SEO tools. When it comes to website crawlers, Ahrefs is second only to Google.

Ahrefs’ Site Audit feature is arguably the best SEO analysis tool available. The feature highlights parts of your business website that need improvements to help boost your site’s ranking. 

You can use Ahrefs to find your competition’s backlinks, so you have a starting point for your brand. The SEO tool also helps you find the most linked content that relates to your niche.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is offered for free to every person with a website. This SEO tool helps you monitor and report your business website’s presence on Google search result pages. You only need to verify your company website by adding a code to the site.

While you don’t need Google Search Console to appear in Google’s SERPs, you can control which content gets indexed, as well as how your site is represented with the account. The SEO tool also helps you understand how Google and people who use Google view your website. This way, you can optimize your site for better performance in search results.

3. SEMRush

One of the reasons experts on SEO marketing services love SEMRush is that it lets you assess your website rankings quickly and any changes to them. The tool also helps you see new ranking opportunities.

A popular feature in SEMRush is the Domain Vs. Domain analysis that lets you compare your business website to those of your competitors. The tool helps you get analytics reports that let you understand your site’s traffic, search data, and competitors.

This SEO tool also has a feature called the On-Page SEO Checker that allows you to monitor your website’s rankings easily. The feature also gives you some helpful recommendations on how you can boost your website’s performance. 

4. KWFinder

KWFinder is an SEO tool that lets you find long-tail keywords with lower levels of competition. Experts in business marketing online use this tool to look for the best keywords as well as run analysis reports on backlinks and search result pages. 

KWFinder has a tool known as Rank Tracker that makes it easy for the user to determine their ranking while tracking their improvement based on a key metric. Additionally, this SEO tool gives you numerous new keyword ideas that help you boost your website’s ranking even more. 

5. Moz

Moz is another SEO software that keeps popping up when the experts are giving digital marketing advice. One of the best things about Moz is that it’s always up to date, even with Google’s continuous algorithm changes. Moz also has a chat portal that allows users always to get insightful responses to every question they ask.

For those looking for a site crawl or keyword recommendations, no SEO tool beats Moz. Moz gives you helpful insights into the performance of your website, as well as what you can do to boost it. 

There’s also a free MozBar toolbar available for download. This feature enables you to see your business’ metrics as you browse any page. 

Users can also check out MozCon, which is Moz’s annual conference that lets you learn more about SEO. 

6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tracking tool that lets you identify keywords and their search intent. The tool identifies the search intent by showing the best ranking SERPs for the keywords. 

Using this SEO tool, you can identify the right short or long-tail phrases to use on your site. Ubersuggest provides you with hundreds of great keyword suggestions. The tool includes such metrics as keyword volume, CPC, competition, and seasonal trends. 

This SEO tool is ideal for boosting both organic results and PPC strategies. PPC teams can use the tool to determine whether specific keywords are worth targeting or not, and how competitive they are. 

7. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is another top free SEO tool that allows you to identify topics you can write for your business blog. You can use this tool to create content around keywords that help you rank better online. For instance, if your business is in the fitness niche, this SEO tool can help you create content around suitable keywords like yoga, cross-fit, running, exercise, and so on.

Answer The Public is ideal for identifying opportunities for featured snippets. Whether you want to hire a freelancer to create content for your website or want to write the content yourself, all you need to do is download a list of suitable keywords. The entire process takes less than five minutes, making this SEO tool one of the most efficient out there.

Find SEO Help With These Great SEO Marketing Tools

SEO might seem complicated for those without a solid background in it, but it doesn’t have to be. With all the SEO marketing tools available today, many of which are free, you should get all the help you need to boost your website’s ranking within no time.

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