Expert Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips for Dentists

Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips for Dentists

According to statistics, everyone with internet access spends two hours and 23 minutes on average on messaging and social networks. Is your practice grabbing a sizeable share of that two hours plus?

As a dentist, your practice is operating in a digital-first world. Your patients go on social media to research products and services before making a purchase. It’s in that space where your practice needs to win the battle.

Here is a guide detailing valuable and actionable social media marketing strategy tips to help you find and grow your audience.

What’s Social Media Marketing and Why Does It Matter for Your Practice?

Social media marketing is where you use online social media platforms to market your practice, build your brand, drive traffic to your website, and grow your sales.

With social media marketing, the idea is to grow your practice’s online visibility using social media channels as a compliment to your website. Given that 99% of Australians have an internet-enabled device empowering 28% of all social media users to research businesses before purchasing, the field is ripe for harvest.  

You can achieve this by developing and publishing relevant, high-value content to your social media pages.

If you want meaningful success out of your social media marketing, you’ll have to engage with users beyond direct selling. All these efforts will be driven by a data-driven approach using insights from the analytics each platform gives you.

Tips to Improve Your Dental Social Media Marketing Strategy

Five fundamental pillars drive social media marketing. These are strategy, listening and engagement, advertising, planning and publishing, and analytics and reporting.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can make your practice’s social media marketing more effective.

1. Understanding Your Audience Is Critical

Many dentists make the classic mistake of not targeting a particular demographic group on social media. If you aim for everyone, you’ll get no one.

Therefore, you need to develop a buyer persona of your ideal patients to understand them better.

Such a profile helps you correctly identify your ideal patient’s motivations and needs. Using these insights, you can then shape your social media marketing to best resonate with the audience.

For example, if you market dentures to younger social media users, your campaign will likely fail. Similarly, if you’re using youthful marketing messaging to reach older social media users, you’ll miss your target.

2. What’s Your Objective?

As with any other marketing tool, you need to engage with users on social media once you understand the objective your dental marketing campaign needs to meet.

For example, let’s say you want to attract more traffic to your website to bring in more patients. If you put all your efforts into a social media marketing campaign focused on brand awareness, you’ll become frustrated.

That’s because the latter looks to make more people know your dental practice exists by keeping it top of mind. Unless you have a clearly defined objective behind every social media marketing campaign, your results won’t match the investment you out in.

3. Be Consistent

Social media marketing isn’t like commissioning a television advert. If you treat it as a one-and-done strategy, the results will be dismal.

It takes several touchpoints for social media users to build trust in your practice. As a result, you will need to plan for consistent publishing and engagement on social media for your marketing to achieve the goal you’re targeting.

Remember, being consistent does not mean you flood users’ timelines with your content. Rather, it means creating a content schedule to serve different types of content on social media to attract patients.

4. Use Video Content

Written content, infographics, and pictures are great ways to engage social media users. However, seeing that 54% of consumers prefer video content over other types of formats online, you have to adapt to using video in social media marketing.

With that said, not any video will do. You need quality video content that is brief but speaks clearly to users’ needs.

Remember that many platforms are deploying picture-in-picture technology while enabling users to pause autoplay. The implication there is shoddy videos that can’t be understood without the audio won’t cut it.

In addition, don’t link videos from other platforms such as YouTube to your social media page. These won’t gain as much traction as those you actively upload on the platform.

5. Don’t Ignore Comments and Feedback

The age of one-way marketing is long past. You can’t — and shouldn’t — approach social media marketing as a one-way communication channel with your users. That means for every piece of content you post on social media, your practice needs to engage with user feedback and comments.

A crucial fact to always keep in mind when marketing on social media is that what one user says about your practice is seen by many others. Now, imagine other potential patients seeing your practice not taking the time to address concerns and feedback that other users give. It’s hard to trust such a brand.

While negative comments can be discouraging, you shouldn’t ignore them. Doing so is far worse than responding to them. The trick with negative feedback and comments is to graciously reach out to a user and seek to understand what went wrong, and how you can fix it.

When you do that, other users on the platform see a practice that values clients enough to resolve issues they may have. In a world where many businesses avoid being conversational with users, your practice will stand out.

6. Market Selectively

There are so many social media platforms, and the temptation is to open a page on each. However, if you spread yourself too thin, your social media marketing will become ineffective.

A better approach here is to figure out the top three to five social media sites your target demographic uses most and focus on them.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Social Media Audience?

Your practice operates and competes in a digital world, and you need to stay relevant. Social media, in particular, is a popular medium where your patients look for services and products. As such, you need to continually invest in an exceptional social media marketing strategy to keep your practice winning users’ hearts and minds.

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