8 Reasons Sydney Landscaping Websites Need Local SEO

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“I didn’t realize you were still in business.” The phrase cuts like a knife through any business owner’s heart.

Surprisingly, this statement is all too common even for a well-established business that has long been a part of the local community.

Statements like this don’t reflect the value of your company’s work or reputation. It is just a side-effect of the move to digital advertising.

In the same way that landscaping can add value and curb appeal to a home, landscaping websites add an online presence to your business.

Without a set online presence many customers may not ever find you. When a customer needs a service they turn to their mobile devices and computers. If you want to hear “I’m excited I found out about” instead of that other thing, consider these 8 reasons you need local SEO in Sydney.

SEO and Landscaping Websites

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps the Internet deliver the best results to users looking for products and services. Without SEO a web search for a service may return results from half the planet away.

Landscaping works best when it works with the varieties of foliage and rocks that exist in the local environment. Local SEO uses the same kinds of tools, keeping search results contained to the places they work best to empower landscaping websites.

A flourishing natural landscape needs a local eye. A flourishing business environment needs the same.

Local Customers Turn to the Internet

Advertising in a phone book has been on a decline for more than a decade. The cost to client ratio on a phonebook advertisement is not favorable.

This is because more consumers turn to the Internet. If someone reaches for a phone, why should they also reach for a phonebook? The Internet is already on the phone!

Not only is an Internet search faster, but it also provides more information at the touch of a finger.

Local Consumers Trust Online Reviews

The single most powerful advertising is word of mouth. People trust other people.

Reviews that are coerced feel as such. Real human reactions say volumes about a product or service. Running reviews through the web let a potential customer feel confident that you will deliver what they need.

Customer reviews also set expectations. Customers angry about previous experiences with another service can see their concerns addressed through a review before they’ve even contacted you.

That is more than just a foot in the door.

Online reviews raise your profile and show your professionalism. An interesting side-effect of reviews is that people generally only leave them when they have had really great or a really terrible experience.

The great reviews advertise for you, the negative ones show where you can improve. Together they give a more honest feedback than questionnaires or comment cards.

Always On-Advertising

Timing matters more than cost when creating an advertising campaign. The most expensive advertising can go unseen.

Online the world is different, your website gives all the information and opportunities you need to hook a customer.

Landscaping websites provide advertisements that never go away. They wait until a customer decides they need help.

SEO makes certain that when the customer is ready, they get to you and not your competition.

High Conversion Rates

Conversion rates make a baseline for the effectiveness of an advertisement. Nobody wants to spend money on a campaign and see it return few customers.

The conversion rates in local-mobile searches are reported at 78 percent.

Simply put, landscaping websites optimized for mobile devices get results.

Newspapers have Limited Reach

Even though news is important, newspapers continue to decline in readership and reach.

Fewer people get a physical paper every year, and the papers they do get are ignored within a tight time frame, ranging from a day to a week.

A website stands ready always-on and always broadcasting your service.

SEO services offer tracking services which tell you your website ranking on many search engines. This gives you real feedback; not just projections and promises.

Keywords Match Your Area

Keywords bring forward customers ready for a service. Unlike passive ads that simply show that a service exists, keywords direct people looking for a specific idea to a specific end result.

Whether your business offers general maintenance, full installs, or exotic touches a landscaping website will tell your customers what you are offering and how they can get it.

Nothing frustrates potential customers more than when they have to ask for specifics and they don’t get them. Even if you provide a lot of what they want, being told no on a few details up front can really sour a relationship.

Keyword matching ensures that customers feel your business is right for them before they walk in the door.

Local Content Keeps You in the Community

Landscaping websites don’t just connect you with customers through local SEO, they connect you to the community.

Search engine visibility is important to grow your business and put yourself in front of customers. However, being a part of the community brings you even closer.

Customers like to see your business as part of the place they live. Not some money-taking arm reaching from beyond the influence of the local economy.

Local SEO uses language and terms that your customers will find familiar. Cold and impersonal is not the way to grow a business. You want to be a part of their interests, focuses, and desires.

Local Knowledge

Much like a forecast for the weather, close is not as good as accurate. Location-specific knowledge doesn’t just sell your products, it lets you meet the demands of the community and the customer.

Landscaping websites offering seasonal and weather specific services can’t be making guesses about when the winds will change. When you are a part of the local populace you will be able to anticipate demands and problems faster.

This gives an advantage in offering location and time-specific specials and sales.

Not Certain Where to Go?

If you are looking for help in setting up and managing landscaping websites that target your locale and return your advertising dollars, check out what we offer.

Like you, we strive to match a need with a solution.

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