5 ways to get the most out of a piece of content


You have taken the time to put together a great piece of written content for your website, or perhaps you have invested in an agency or freelancer to create something for you.

That is an excellent start and certainly a big help in any effort to improve your general and local ranking.

But you can optimise your optimised content – that is to say, you can stretch its value much more than simply posting it on your website and forgetting about it.

Here are five ways you can get the most out of a single piece of content. 

  1. Use snippets for your social media

There should be multiple nuggets of gold throughout your piece of content. It could be a juicy quote, an interesting statistic or a particularly well-worded phrase or paragraph.

You can share these snippets across your social media channels with links back to the original post for more engagement with the post itself.

You can even consider turning them into quotes over images for something a little more visual.

  • Refresh it

Google loves fresh new content, but it also quite enjoys fresh content.

A year or two after you originally post content, go back and refresh it. You can update old information and data, add new statistics, add new keywords, expand the content with new sections, and insert photos and videos.

This gives you a lot of the benefits of publishing new content but without having to actually create new content from scratch.

  • Turn it into a video

With the research and groundwork already done your piece of content might make for an excellent video. This is especially true for anything with useful content, such as an article on how to do something or a blog that explains one of your services.

You can shoot a quick video of you covering the content in your own words or use a free video production app such as Animoto. The result will be a whole new piece of content that you can share across your social media and YouTube channels, which might pick up more of your audience who prefer to watch than to read.

  • Post it too Medium

Medium is all about content and anyone can post there. There are more than 100 million readers on Medium and countless content creators sharing all kinds of blogs and articles across every topic imaginable.

The best kind of content for Medium is usually thought-leadership and expert pieces. This means something a little more special than generic content – a professional opinion or genuinely helpful piece of content will enjoy more engagement than something that readers can find anywhere else.

When you post, you also include a short bio about yourself, including a link back to your own website.

  • Link to it in new posts

One quick and easy way to increase your Google local ranking is to improve your internal linking. That is, creating links between various pages on your website.

This helps Google to understand and navigate your website more easily, which can help to improve your ranking. Of course, it can also be helpful for your readers who want to keep exploring your website and learning.

Just as we linked the words ‘Google local ranking’ earlier in this section to a page about improving your ranking, you can link specific keywords to further improve your likelihood of ranking well for them.

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