4 digital marketing New Year’s resolutions to make for your business

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Improve digital marketing for your business

With the New Year right around the corner, it is time to think about next steps. What is next for the business and what is next for your digital marketing?

Whether that is trying out something new, investing more in a promising area or even scaling back some efforts. The important thing is to have a plan or if you like, a resolution.

From local SEO strategies to more content creation, here are four digital marketing New Year’s resolutions for 2022.

  1. Learn a new marketing skill

A marketing strategy is often only as good as the marketer at the wheel, so the more skills and knowledge you have in your toolbox, the more options and opportunities you have when it comes to marketing.

And you know that with marketing, there is always more to learn. Here are a few ideas:

• Learn how to write optimised title tags and description tags for your pages
• Learn how to create short engaging videos for your social media channels
• Learn how to do keyword research
• Learn how to create more engaging email subject lines
• Learn how to identify and fix your broken links

2. Improve your local SEO strategies

More than three-quarters (76%) of people who make a local search on their smartphone will visit a business within 24 hours, and more than a quarter (28%) of local searches result in a purchase, according to Google.

That is why local SEO strategies are so important for businesses and why it makes sense to put it on your radar for 2022.

There are several ways to improve your local SEO, from encouraging more online reviews from happy clients, to building up your Google My Business profile and keeping your NAP citations up to date and accurate.

  1. Commit to content

Content has long been a mainstay of great SEO and digital marketing but it’s an area that takes regular effort and time investment, which is why it is often the first to fall off a marketer’s to-do list.

In 2022, make a commitment to content. Post a blog or article at least once per fortnight. It could be industry news, opinion pieces, helpful tips or advice, useful information or almost anything else related to your field.

Be sure to incorporate keywords and follow content best practices and keep an eye on your Google local ranking as all that work should help to bring you up the list in the search engine results page.

  1. Get active on social media

Many businesses set up social media accounts then rarely update them, which could mean missing out on customers. In fact, social media has become the number one way for businesses to engage with customers and 77% of people will choose a brand over a competitor after a positive experience on social media, according to a Sprout Social study.

That means your social media could be a real driver for engagement, branding and sales. Here are a few ways to be more active on social media:

• Respond to customer messages quickly
• Set up a chatbot to respond to messages when you are not online
• Post more often
• Respond to all comments on posts
• Offer special deals or discounts on social media to grow your following

Bring in help

It is not a resolution, but it could be a solution. If 2021 left you feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, 2022 could be the year you bring in additional help.

Local Web offers expert local SEO in Sydney where we specialise in helping businesses boost their rankings and reap the benefits of making it onto page one of Google’s search results.

Get in touch if you would like an extra hand managing your digital marketing in the New Year.

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