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Let’s face it, your business will stagnate if it’s not on the top pages of Google. This is the most popular search engine customers use to find businesses like yours. So if your content and website aren’t showing up on the top, then you’re losing prospects at the gate.

So what do you have to do to compete? Well, for starters, you need a solid Local SEO service strategy. And the best way to get this is with the help of an expert.

But what should you be looking for in an SEO Sydney agency? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this quick guide.

Here are the questions you should ask an SEO Sydney expert before making the decision to hire.

1. How Will You Increase My Website Ranking?

Now, this is likely the very first question you want to ask the SEO firm anyway. After all, this will determine how well their strategy works.

Of course, you’ll meet some SEO professional who will promise you the world (i.e. #1 rank in 2 weeks). And those are the guys you want to run away from – and fast.

What you’re looking for is an honest answer that details the steps taken in order to get X results. For example, “We will improve your keyword optimisation throughout your site and start up monthly guest blogging to increase backlinks.”

The question isn’t how long it will take, but what the SEO Sydney agency will do. The strategy should sound promising based on the methods being used.

2. Can I see Your List of Past Clients?

If you’re dealing with a reputable SEO firm, then they’ll gladly hand over their list of past clients. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Some firms work with fortune 500 companies, while others did plenty of business with locals.

But what you’re looking for is a firm that has a good reputation. And the best way to determine this is to see who’ve they’ve worked with.

You can reach out to some of the clients to ask questions about the SEO firm’s professionalism and results. They may not give you numbers, but they will share their gratitude or dismay either way.

You can also ask the firm to share results to gauge the success of their methods.

3. Do You Stick to the Search Engine Webmaster Guidelines?

We can’t stress enough how important it is for your SEO strategy to adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines. Because if it doesn’t, you’re in for a world of hurt.

Your rankings will plummet even further if your site isn’t altogether banned.

So you have to be wary of shady firms that use blackhat methods to get site rankings. This is what will get your site penalized by Google and other search engines.

4. Can You Guarantee I’ll Get a #1 Ranking?

This is a trick question, so the right answer is no. If the agency claims they can guarantee a #1 spot, then run for the hills. Any company that’s willing to lie to you to get your business is a no-good firm.

You want to avoid red flags like this. Instead, you want to go with an SEO Sydney firm that will be real with you. They should work hard to get you to the #1 spot, but shouldn’t guarantee it.

Why? Because no one can. Google doesn’t reveal its algorithm secrets. However, there are experts who are great at using ethical methods to get you somewhere on the first page.

5. What Experience Do You Have in Local Search Results?

What improves your chances of reaching the top of SERPs is the use of local keywords. So if your business is a brick-and-mortar or service-based company, then this will benefit you. However, even if you’re an online entity, you can still target locals.

But you’re going to need an expert who specializes in local SEO. This professional should focus on getting your business listed in business directories on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

And this includes optimizing your title tags and meta descriptions to help locals find your local listings in these directories.

6. Do You Openly Communicate Updates with Your Clients?

This is very important because it will keep you in the loop of what’s going on. It doesn’t make sense to continue wasting money monthly on an SEO Sydney service that’s failing you.

Any company that’s not willing to update on your site’s progress isn’t an honest and fair one. They should give you regular reports to showcase what’s working and what’s not.

Just be patient – search engine optimization takes time and lots of split testing.

7. How Is Success Measured in Your SEO Campaigns?

Now, the answer to this will demonstrate the agency’s experience. The best way to measure the success of your SEO strategy is to look at your traffic. Is it increasing? And what about your conversions? Are they increasing?

Google Analytics is key to identifying whether or not your campaigns are succeeding or failing. And keep in mind, less of the right traffic is better than lots of the wrong traffic.

So if you see a dip in traffic, but an increase in conversions, that’s great SEO work.

8. What Are Your Rates and Payment Terms?

Obviously, you need to know how much you’ll have to dish out each month for their SEO services. Some consultants charge hourly, by project or by retainer. Then there are others that charge by the month.

It’s important to work out a payment plan that works based on your own financial schedule and budget. On average, the cost of an average SEO campaign is between $1,000 and $7,500.

9. What Happens After the Project Ends?

Once the SEO company gives you the results you seek, what happens afterward? Will they help maintain your results or do you have to do it yourself? It’s best to have a firm that will offer maintenance services, such as updating your content on your website and ads.

This way, they’re already familiar with your campaign.

10. Which Tools Do You Use?

Any reputable SEO firm will gladly tell you the SEO tools they use. This shouldn’t be a big secret. Instead, divulging this info can help put you at ease.

The key is ensuring their methods and tools are using whitehat SEO. This includes reporting tools, link building tools, research tools and technical SEO tools.

Finding an SEO Sydney Agency Shouldn’t be Tough

Now that you have a list of solid questions to ask a potential SEO provider, you’re ready for your search. And many of these questions are the same ones customers ask us at Local Web.

You see, we’re a reputable SEO agency in Sydney that specialises in web marketing. This includes web design, SEO and PPC. We can perform an SEO audit for your site and offer better solutions to improve your results.

We are open to answering any and all questions you have to put your mind at ease. So contact us today to get a free quote to optimise your website.

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