10 Actionable Steps to Promote Your Medical Practice

10 Actionable Steps to Promote Your Medical Practice

There are well over 100,000 medical practitioners serving in Australia alone. That number has steadily risen in recent years and has created a problem for many running their own practice.


Competition in the medical practice marketplace is more fierce than ever. Consequently, it’s tough to attract the best labour and a steady flow of patients.

Fortunately, thanks to digital marketing, with ballooning competition has also come ballooning methods to advertise your practice.

This post is here to help introduce you to some of the best medical practice marketing methods available. You’ll find high value, excellent ROI marketing methods that can solidify your practice’s standing in the impacted medical marketplace!

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1) Punch Up Your Branding

The vast majority of top marketers agree that having solid branding is key to business success. Elements, such as your colour palette, name, logo, etc. all work together to differentiate you from your competition.

This allows patients to develop positive emotional anchors towards your practice and will keep them coming back consistently.

To get started improving your branding, consider working with a digital marketing agency or freelancer. They can help your practice maximise its approach to design.

2) Get a Website

Once you have an idea of your branding, you’ll want to incorporate those design elements into an excellent website. Websites are an important part of any online sales funnel (likely the most important part) and can get your clients in your sleep!

To make sure that your website is maximised, make sure it’s mobile friendly, has good call-to-actions on all of its content, discloses the location of your practice, tells patients about your staff and above all else, gives patients ample means to contact you.

3) Share

Social media may not seem like an appropriate channel for a medical practice, but it’s actually one of the most effective means of medical practice marketing when you consider cost.

As a medical practitioner, you can share free health tips. You can share staff stories about what inspired them to become health professionals. You can even (with their permission of course) do patient spotlights outlining their struggle and eventual overcoming of health issues.

Your sharing consistently will slowly garner you a following which you can market your services to.

4) Invest in SEO

SEO allows your website/local business to be seen by search engines like Google. Given that Google processes over 4 billion search requests every day, that visibility is vital to maximising your client pool.

Working with a digital marketing agency will allow you to get deep insight into the phrases that people are typing into search engines. You can then target those searches by sprinkling relevant information into your website which will capture that audience. Local SEO (a method of SEO that specialises in driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar businesses) can also be insanely helpful in developing a local client base.

SEO/local SEO is affordable and is becoming increasingly important as search engines direct more and more of internet surfer’s journey online. Invest in it early to reap the benefits.

5) Manage Your Online Reviews

Online reviews are what many people look to before deciding to give their business to an organisation. If you’re not managing your reviews online, they could be non-existent or worse, bad.

To get started managing your online reputation, claim your Google my Business and Yelp pages. Upload relevant imagery and include excellent, keyword-rich descriptions where appropriate in regard to your location and mission statement.

Once you’ve done this, engage with people leaving you reviews and ask your existing clients to get online and leave you more.

6) Ask for Referrals

If a customer is satisfied with your services, chances are they know someone else who could benefit from your expertise. To acquire that “other person” as a customer, all you have to do is ask your customer for a recommendation and offer them a small thank you incentive for doing so!

7) Paid Advertising

Paid advertising online can embody many mediums from social media buys to pay per click and beyond. While this marketing method costs money up front, it can net you a variety of targeted clients your website should then be able to convert to customers.

To put together successful paid advertising campaigns, you’ll likely want to work with a marketing agency.

8) Upgrade Your Photos

Stock photography has been a medical practice marketing go-to for years. The issue with that is now customers can spot stock, fake imagery from a mile away. This could lead to a prospective patient having a negative first impression on your practice.

To buck the trend of stock photos, hire a photographer for a day and have them take photos of your actual staff and practice. The results will be well worth the investment!

9) Leverage Email

Email is a powerful method of marketing. With an email list, you can introduce new products, services, and send reminders to clients which will drive engagement.

Does the idea of being able to remind your dormant clients that they’re due for a checkup at the click of a button sound good to you? If so, you should start incorporating email into your medical practice marketing strategy.

10) Offer Free Value

Giving free value to prospective customers is an excellent way to get new clients. To do this online, simply start a blog section on your website. On there, you can answer common medical questions people are searching for on Google.

Your addressing people’s questions on your blog and at the end of each article, prompting them to schedule a checkup could mean hundreds of new leads for your business every single month!

Wrapping Up Medical Practice Marketing Tips

Medical practice marketing is becoming increasingly important given the high level of impaction within the Australian medical profession. To get started maximising your marketing strategy, try your hand at a few of our tips above.

As you master each one, expand into new marketing channels. Do so until you have a multi-pronged marketing plan that’s bringing you consistent leads!

Do you run a medical practice in Sydney? Are you more about providing your patients with high-quality care and less about mastering the nuances of marketing?

If so, we can respect that. We can also help you out.

Our team at Local Web provides cutting-edge local SEO services to people like you every day. We help quality practitioners generate quality revenue with our cutting edge methods of getting you noticed online.

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